We regret to inform you that, unfortunately, we must cancel Marvin on the Rock.

The situation with COVID-19 is very fluid at this time. In the interest of not putting our participants and volunteers at risk, we have decided to cancel the event. The WHO has announced that the outbreak is now a pandemic, and there are increasing calls for organizers not to go ahead with large-scale social gatherings.

Out of care and respect for the medical community, who are asking us all to show support and solidarity, we have decided that the responsible thing to do is to cancel our event. 

We understand and appreciate that you have bought a ticket to see a concert, and to support the operations of the Marie-Vincent Foundation. Your ticket purchase represents a substantial donation to an organization that is committed to protecting the health and wellness of our children. If you wish to be reimbursed for your purchase, we will refund you promptly. If we do not hear otherwise from you, we will consider that you agree to keep your donation with the Foundation and, in so doing, are helping us to maintain our crucial services for children and families. A charitable-donation tax receipt for the total amount of your donated amount would be issued.

On behalf of the organizing committee, the Board of Directors, the Marie-Vincent team and the children, we are grateful to you for your solidarity and support. We warmly thank all the singers who worked so hard to put on a one-of-a-kind show for you. We hope they will join us next year!

We hope that the pandemic will run its course as quickly as possible, and we look forward to rocking with you again in 2021.

For any questions or to request a refund, please get in touch with us by e-mail at evenement@marie-vincent.org.

CANCELLED - The seventh edition of Marvin on the Rock will take place on march 19 2020!

The evening showcases 10 corporate leaders who, with no musical experience, but spurred on by daring and generosity, take to the stage to deliver an unforgettable musical performance. 

The singers experience stress and fear of the unknown and of ridicule, and they come off stage completely transformed—a nod to the courage that child victims of sexual violence show when they break the silence.

Marvin on the Rock is a totally unique experience that has quickly become an event that unites people to benefit a worthy cause. 

Our crop of singers for 2020!

  • BreatheLife (Arach Tchoupani, Ian Jeffrey, Jean-Nicholas Hould and Sebastien Malherbe)
  • Clusier (Pierre-Benoit Duhamel)
  • Contextful (Guillaume Bouchard)
  • DNA Capital (Daniel Labrecque)
  • Espace CDPQ (Alexandre Cabrejo-Jones, Audrey Ostiguy, Alexandre Witkowicz, Laviva Mazhar, Loic Souetre, Gabriel Jodoin and Gisele Karekezi)
  • Langlois Avocats
  • La Ruche (Elsie Lefebvre and Nicolas Rubbo) 
  • Plusgrade (Scott Usheroff, Pramod Jain and Caro Jang) 
  • TELUS et la Fondation Marie-Vincent
  • TrackTik (Josée Théroux, Victoria Dekeizer, Brian Srasser, Virginie Caparros, Benjamin Bergeron-Osajie, Jessica Fequiere and Julie Lacasse)
  • Sarah Houde and Félix-Antoine Jolicoeur 

Informations on the evening

Date:   Thursday march 19 2020

Time:   Cocktail at 6 pm and show at 7 pm

Place:  L’Olympia (1004, Sainte-Catherine E., Montreal)

No dress code.

No tickets will be issued. There will be a guests list at the entrance.

Parking places are limited.


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1 year ago
Martial Vincent
Continuez votre excellent travail pour une cause qui est tres importante. Et bien hâte de pouvoir assister au spectacle
1 year ago
Guy Cote
1 year ago
Sebastien St-Hilaire
merci pour votre travail
1 year ago
1 year ago
Marie-Victoire Zamor
Tu es la meilleure ! Go Audrey GO !!!

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